Projects and Services in Haiti

These are some of the places where volunteers have worked on previous trips. Skill set requirements? Just have your heart and hands readily open to help!

Trip to the Beach

In 2019, we started taking kids to the beach. Many of these children have never left Cité Soleil before. We plan to make the beach trip happen again in May 2020, and hopefully for many more years to come!

Malnutrition Clinic

This clinic is run by the Sisters of Mother Teresa.  There are many children suffering from many various ailments, largely due to malnutrition.  Our volunteers assist with the basic necessities, such as feeding and holding the children, changing their clothes/diapers and any other assistance as needed.

Cité Soleil

This is the largest slum in Haiti.  We built a school in 2005 and since then we have been enhancing and expanding the school. Our volunteers help with construction, but we also hire Haitians to work at the school and to help with construction. For the past two years, our volunteers have also been focusing their efforts in rebuilding peoples homes.

Cité Pele Hospital

This hospital is run by the Brothers of the Poor of Mother Theresa.  The patients in this hospital are all adults and suffer from many different ailments and injuries.  Our volunteers help feed patients, provide massages and assist with rehabilitation exercises and basic hygiene. In addition to physical care we also provide company to patients and engage in conversations.


This is also run by the Sisters of Mother Teresa.  Sometimes it is feeding, massaging talking to them, cutting nails, painting nails – making them laugh and generally paying attention to their needs.