A group of hands reached out and stacked together in the centre.

Nick (YouTube alias, Indigo Traveller) travels to misunderstood parts of the planet showing the human side of what we read in news’ headlines. He recently went to Haiti and worked with Third World Awareness’ long-time friend and guide, Sean (🙌🏽) to document his experience.

You can check out his videos here. To help support Haiti, Nick has created a GoFundMe campaign. All donations will go directly to support children and families.

Help spread the word and let’s create positive change together!

For anyone who has been to Haiti or travelled with us on one of our volunteer trips, you personally know how incredible the people and country are and how magnificent their spirit is. Haiti has a beautiful landscape but as many untold stories of suffering. With your help, we can make a meaningful impact.

Here is a beautiful song we love that celebrates the beauty, spirit and love of Haiti.


TWA Update June 2020

We are in contact with our guides in Haiti on an almost daily basis and they are coping as best they could in these trying circumstances.  TWA is sending payment to our guides as a bonus that is almost an equivalent amount to their salaries as guides every May.  We have not excluded our yearly …